James Bochnowski

NET WORTH: Unknown

SOURCE OF WEALTH: Delphi Ventures

FUNDING AREAS: Policy and Global, Veterans, Bay Area Community  

OVERVIEW: James Bochnowski and family move their philanthropy through the Bochnowski Family Foundation, which gave away $451,000 in a recent year. The family supports right-of-center policy organizations. Bochnowski’s board memberships include the board of overseers of Hoover Institution. 

BACKGROUND: James J. Bochnowski has a B.S. in aerospace engineering from MIT and an MBA from Harvard School of Business. He was an army officer and a missile systems engineer at the United States Army Missile Intelligence Directorate. He cofounded Technology Ventures Investors and began investing in medical companies in 1981. He founded Delphi Ventures in 1988.


POLICY & GLOBAL: Bochnowski sits on the board of the Hoover Institution, which he supports. Bochnowski and family, via their foundation, support policy organizations, particularly those with right-of-center views. Grantees include The Heritage Foundation; Mercatus Center, George Mason University; Americans for Prosperity, which “protects the American dream by fighting each day for lower taxes, less government regulation and economic prosperity for all”; and Goldwater Institute, which “advocates public policies with emphasis on empowering states to thwart overreach by the federal government.”

The family supports Grameen Foundation and other global organizations.

VETERANS: Grantees include Navy SEAL Foundation and Intrepid Museum Foundation.

BAY AREA COMMUNITY: Support has gone to Bay Area organizations Habitat - Greater SF Bay Area.

LOOKING FORWARD: Expect Bochnowski to stick with his interest areas, particularly policy.


Bochnowski Family Foundation
28 Camino Por Los Arboles
Atherton, CA 94027