John Wakerly

NET WORTH: Unknown


FUNDING AREAS: Social Services, Education, Economic Development

OVERVIEW: John Wakerly and family do their grantmaking through the Wakerly Family Foundation (WFF), which focuses on the areas of social services, education, and economic development. WFF does not consider unsolicited proposals from new organizations.

BACKGROUND:  John Wakerly graduated from Marquette University where he received a bachelor’s degree in electric engineering, and Stanford University, where received his MS and PhD. Wakerly worked as a VP of engineering for companies such as Cisco Systems and Alantec now part of Ericsson. Wakerly also served on the engineering faculty at Stanford University and is the author of nine textbooks and editions.  

WAKERLY FAMILY FOUNDATION: John Wakerly and his late wife Kate established the Wakerly Family Foundation (WFF) and Kate served as founding president. Initially, WFF prioritized the San Francisco Bay Area counties of San Mateo and Santa Clara, California. Soon the foundation shifted its focus to concentrate the majority of ongoing charitable grantmaking to recipients outside of California.

WFF prioritizes social services, education, and economic development including funding projects and programs that “support children in at-risk or economically disadvantaged households”; “assist immigrants to the U.S. in the areas of education, employment, and housing”; and “promote individual responsibility and economic freedom.” WFF is “especially interested in supporting relatively small, low-overhead organizations and programs that can obtain high leverage using WFF’s grants.” A WFF statement of purpose fully details its program areas.

Past grantees include Rosie 's Place in Boston; Northern Illinois Food Bank, St. Charles, IL. (Kate was a Chicago native); Day Worker Center of Mountain View; Veterans Foundation of Illinois; and Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County.

WFF does not consider unsolicited proposals from new organizations.

LOOKING FORWARD: Expect the family to remain laser-focused on their select interest areas.