Larry and Lucinda Page

NET WORTH: $49.4 billion


FUNDING AREAS: Technological Advancement, Clean Energy, Health, Education

OVERVIEW: Larry Page sits on the boards of several nonprofits. Page and his wife Lucinda do grantmaking through the Carl Victor Page Memorial Fund, though most of its grantmaking goes through donor-advised funds such as the Vanguard Charitable Endowment, making it virtually impossible to see where Page's money is actually going. 

BACKGROUND: Originally from Michigan, Larry Page did his undergraduate work at the University of Michigan before attending Stanford for his graduate degrees. After Stanford, Page co-founded Google, where he is currently the CEO.


TECHNOLOGY: Through, his company's philanthropic arm, Page attempts to discover ways to use science and modern technology to solve the most persistent societal problems, focusing particularly on the development of environmentally sustainable energy. He has demonstrated a commitment to this concept through his investment in companies such as Tesla Motors, which is developing long-range battery-powered vehicles, and through investments made as part of his stewardship of These investments include $130 million to a company that makes solar panels and $10 million to a company developing a kite system that will tap into jet streams for power, as well as a demonstration project attempting to generate electrical power using geothermal energy.

Outside of his endeavors, Page is a board member of the XPrize Foundation, which organizes large-scale competitions in five major categories: education, global development, energy and environment, life sciences, and exploration. The purpose of the competitions is to stimulate investment in research and development designed to bring about change that hopefully will benefit humanity.

HEALTH: Page joined the growing number of funders donating to combat Ebola, pledging $15 million from his Carl Victor Page Memorial Foundation, and another $10 million from Google. Other grantees have included the American Cancer Society. 

EDUCATION: The couple have supported places like Oakland Unified School District and University of California, where a grant funded a study to evaluate school-based vaccine delivery. 

LOOKING FORWARD:  Perhaps the Page family's giving through their Carl Victor Page Memorial Foundation will be less opaque in the coming years.


Carl Victor Page Memorial Foundation
2200 Geng Rd., Ste. 100
Palo Alto, CA 94303
(650) 210-5000