Linda Breneman and Eric Strand

NET WORTH: Unknown


FUNDING AREAS: Arts, Education, Medical Research

OVERVIEW: Linda Breneman and family move their philanthropy through the Breneman Jaech Foundation, which primarily supports medical research, social programs and the arts, with an emphasis on literary arts. 

BACKGROUND: Linda Breneman grew up in Eastern Washington and attended the University of Washington. She worked as a technical editor and writer for companies like Battelle and Boeing. These days, she works on fiction, essays and video game journalism. She was married to Jeremy Jaech, founding member of Aldus Software, which merged with Adobe in the mid-1990s. She is married to Eric Strand, an independent software professional.


ARTS: In 1996, Breneman co-founded Richard Hugo House, a literary center in Seattle. Breneman and Eric Strand have given at least $1 million to New Hugo House. Breneman’s daughter Lisa is an animator and visual artist. The foundation has run the Ludus Project, an “initiative to provide small grants (for startup, pilot projects, or research) in the emerging disciplines of games-based learning, digital literacy, games for health, persuasive games, meaningful games.” However, the initiative is currently on hiatus. Foundation grantees include Hedgebrook, “a global community of women writers”; Fractured Atlas, “a nonprofit technology company that provides business tools for artists”; and Town Hall, a cultural center in Seattle.

OTHER: The foundation has directed funds to University of Washington Foundation (Eric also graduated from UW), Emerson College and University of Central Florida. Other grantees include Societal and Environmental Entrepreneurs, and Technology Alliance, a “coalition of Washington's leading tech and research organizations, advancing innovation and 21st century education across the state.” Breneman is also involved with SVP Seattle.

LOOKING FORWARD: Expect the family to stick with their established interest areas. Perhaps the Ludus Project will be open to grants again in the coming years. The foundation’s website recently relaunched, and with it, perhaps more transparency about the grantmaking process.


The Breneman Jaech Foundation
701 Pike Street, No 2225
Seattle, WA 98101