What You Should Know About Kresge's Relationship With the Affordable Care Act

Since 2010, Kresge has provided nearly $2 million to the Michigan League for Public Policy (MLPP), formerly known as the Michigan League for Human Services. And $1.3 million of that amount was given explicitly in support of the MLPP's work with the Affordable Care Act.

The MLPP, as the name implies, is a coalition of individuals and organizations from across the Great Lakes State. And it has thrown itself fully into supporting the ACA, helping to found the Michigan Consumers for Healthcare Coalition. That group is hoping to help shape and implement the ACA in Michigan. It will also provide resources to help individuals get more out of the ACA.

Although this kind of work isn't necessarily in Kresge's wheelhouse, it doesn't mean that the foundation won't be expanding its interest in the future. (See Kresge Foundation: Grants for Health Policy and Access.) With its expressed interest in helping low-income and vulnerable populations become healthier, Kresge might well find that groups working with the ACA can help accomplish that goal — even if they're not located in its home state. (Read Managing Director David Fukuzawa's IP profile.)

Still, potential grantees should aim to fit their initiatives into Kresge's stated "Community health partnerships" focus area. That program has an emphasize on "health, rather than health care or sickness; on community, rather than on individuals; and on the collaborations or partnerships we believe are best able to address the multiple factors that determine health."

Other than that, it's pretty standard stuff: improve overall health, enhance patient care, and control or reduce costs. It's not hard to see how the ACA could fit into those objectives. It just might be hard to convince Kresge of that fact.