Here's How the Robert Wood Johnson is Blowing up Barriers to Healthcare Coverage

The Affordable Care Act becomes fully implemented in January of 2014, expanding health coverage eligibilty to millions of Americans. But eligibility is not the same thing as accessibility, and making sure that people who should receive healthcare actually succeed in getting that healthcare remains a sizeable challenge. Enroll America, a health policy non-profit, is waging a major campaign to help Americans overcome hurdles to accessing expanded health coverage. And with a $3 million grant the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is supporting Enroll America in its crusade to get as many uninsured Americans into the healthcare coverage system as possible. (See RWJF: Grants for Health Policy and Access)

Enroll America's work is focused on getting the word out about the ACA to the people who stand to benefit from it. The organization's outreach efforts are being led by communications and organizing guru Anne Filipic, whose experience includes serving as Deputy Director of Public Engagement for the White House and as an Obama campaign Field Director during the 2008 Iowa Caucuses.

Among the components of Enroll America's ambitious campaign to educate and enroll the uninsured: advertising, online organizing, grassroots outreach, establishing partnerships with numerous health and civic organizations, and sophisticated data analytics. As the Obama 2008 and 2012 campaigns are among the grassroots organizing and data analytics marvels of our time, Filipic's experience seems like a natural fit for heading up a major national outreach and policy campaign like Enroll America.

Meanwhile, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is America's largest healthcare philanthropy organization. RWJF regularly awards upwards of $350 million in grants to groups engaged in improving health and healthcare access and services. Already this year, Robert Wood Johnson has allocated tens of millions of dollars to dozens of recipients, in grant dollar amounts ranging from ten grand to several million. The Foundation continues to solicit health- and healthcare-related proposals for funding this year, and interested parties can find relevant information on the application process here.