What L.A. Grantseekers Should Know about Borchard Foundation Funding

There are so many foundations in the Los Angeles area that it’s easy to overlook the excellent opportunities that are right in front of you. The Albert and Elaine Borchard Foundation only recently crossed our radar, but it’s actually been on the local grantmaking scene since 1978. Based in Woodland Hills, this is a California funder that’s primarily concerned with Southern California and Los Angeles.

Here are a few things that nonprofits in Los Angeles County should know about this quiet but steady funder.

Funding Topics Are Very Broad

This is not a niche funder, and in fact, its five funding topics are quite broad. This means that nearly any nonprofit can consider Borchard as a funding option, but should also expect to find plenty of competition because of that fact.

Borchard youth development grants are given to organizations that serve people under the age of 21, especially mentoring programs, after-school programs for at-risk kids, and programs that serve disabled and underserved youth. Health and medicine grants go to groups that provide comprehensive healthcare services; education grants support K-12, undergraduate and graduate programs. Arts grants support music, art, creative writing, and dance programs, and environment grants fund both awareness and improvement activities.

There are also two Borchard centers with their own funding opportunities. Check out the individual websites for the Borchard Foundation Center on International Education and the Borchard Foundation Center on Law & Aging to learn more about funding on those topics.

Borchard Prioritizes Program Support

A vast majority of Borchard’s funding comes in the form of program support for specific projects. This is not the funder that backs building campaigns or major equipment upgrades. General operating support may be considered for familiar grantees, though.

Letters of Inquiry are Due Twice Per Year

This foundation has two due dates for letters of inquiry: February 1 and August 1. The entire application process is online and organizations that make the first round of review are invited to send full proposals by April 1 or October 1.

On very rare occasions, Borchard accepts unsolicited proposals without requiring this process. But don’t count on that as a first-time grantseeker. Review the application process online to learn more. Grantees who receive funding will typically get it within two to four weeks of approval by the board of directors.

How to Get Connected

Borchard very rarely makes the news with its grantmaking and doesn’t publish a list of previous grantees and grant amounts on its website. In a recent year, the foundation reported over $17 million in assets. Based on a past Form 990, grants have gone to projects as diverse as university music programs, pet adoption funds and basic needs services for the local homeless population.

It also does not appear to have designated staff members for grantseekers to get in touch with. Check out our full profile of the Borchard Foundation to learn more about this funder and how to get connected with the board.

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