Here’s a New Grant Opportunity for Health Groups in Arkansas

A while back, we introduced you to the Blue & You Foundation, which is another one of these Blue Cross Blue Shield conversion foundations focused on health. This particular one exclusively supports groups in Arkansas, a new opportunity has come up that’s worth sharing. It was established by the Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield in 2001 and is one of the most reliable funders for health nonprofits in the state.

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In fact, there are two open opportunities for health groups in Arkansas right now. The foundation’s regular grants program is accepting online grant applications between now and July 14. These are grants that range in size between $5,000 and $150,000, and you can expect to hear back from the foundation with a decision in November if you apply.

Additionally, Blue & You offers $1,000 mini-grants with a much simpler application process. However, these applications are due March 31 for these. One big priority for these smaller grants programs that support the purchase of automated external defibrillators and related user training. If you apply for a mini-grant, you can expect to hear back from the foundation within about 10 days.

The ultimate goal of this funder is to support programs that positively affect the health of people in Arkansas. Yet it’s been giving priority to programs that impact healthcare delivery, policy, and economics. It also looks for programs that are co-funded by local, regional, or statewide organizations. Blue & You regularly supports public charities, public schools, nonprofit hospitals, government agencies, and churches that provide health services beyond their own congregations. Only applicants in Arkansas and that serve Arkansas residents are eligible for funding. It should be noted that primary grantees cannot have a contractual relationship with Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, its subsidiaries, or its affiliates.

In recent times, Blue & You has provided the most funding to Washington County and Pulaski County in Arkansas. It also has put a priority on funding in Benton and Craighead Counties. Meanwhile, some counties, like Prairie, have not seen any Blue & You awards. So far, Blue & You has awarded $2.4 million in grants for 2017 and at least $27 million total since it was first established. Groups like the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance, the El Zocalo Immigrant Resource Center, the City of Cave Springs, and the Arkansas Department of Education have all received Blue & You grants for 2017. A full list of recent grants can be viewed here.