How to Get a Health Grant from the RHI Legacy Foundation

The latest of a long string of health legacy funders to cross our radar lately is the RHI Legacy Foundation. While many of these types of foundations have a statewide focus, this one is all about a single county in North Carolina. Only organizations and projects that serve the residents of Rutherford County are considered for funding.

Let’s learn a bit more about the types of grants that this funder awards and where the most money has been going lately.

Chronic Disease Grants

There are lots of chronic diseases that this funder could have chosen to focus on, but it has picked out three to support right now: cancer, asthma, and diabetes. Apply for a grant that supports a disease prevention or health improvement program for these three diseases. The foundation awarded a total of $115,200 for this focus area last year to grantees like Chase Corner Ministries and Rutherford County Transit.

Healthy Eating Grants

The goal of this grant program is to support services that provide county residents with access to healthy food. Pitch a program that is all about nutrition education and addresses topics like how healthy eating can prevent diseases, especially the ones mentioned above. A total of $284,715 was awarded to these grants in 2016 to groups like the KidSenses Interactive Museum and New Beginnings Soup Kitchen.

Active Living Grants

Active living is a big area of focus for the RHI Legacy Foundation lately, and anything that encourages an active lifestyle could be considered for support. The foundation has provided major support for walking trails and outdoor parks lately. But again, this is a foundation that likes educational programs. The foundation is receptive to programs that focus on educating residents about how an active lifestyle can prevent the three diseases in focus. Last year, it awarded a total of $345,100 in active living grants to groups like the Isothermal Community College and the Town of Lake Lure.

Apply Online in May or June

The application process for RHI grants is very straightforward and all online. Applications for 2017 are being accepted between May 1 and June 30, and you can access the application here. Grants will be announced and awarded in early October this year. In 2016, a total of $745,015 was awarded, for all types of support (program, operating, capital, and capacity building). That trend is expected to continue in 2017, as well. 

To learn more about this funder and the key people to get in touch with, check out our full profile of the RHI Legacy Foundation.

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