A Hillbilly for Hospitals: Larry the Cable Guy's Philanthropy

We all know that the redneck roots of Dan Whitney, better known as Larry the Cable Guy, run deep, but who knew that his philanthropy had such deep pockets? In fact, Larry the Cable guy was just outside of the top 10 celebrity donors in 2010, giving $1.2 million to charity — surprising coming from a man who portrays himself as a beer swilling, dim-witted hillbilly.

Whitney and his wife Cara founded the Git R Done Foundation in 2009. Though the Foundation has many interests, its focus sits squarely on hospitals and institutions focusing on health matters, especially those involving children. In recent years, the Foundation has donated $252,000 for the improvement of children's care at the Madonna Rehab Hospital and $5 million to the Arnold Palmer Hospital to open the Wyatt Whitney Hip and Orthopedic Institute. Whitney's son Wyatt was born with hip dysplasia, a condition in which the hip bones are not aligned. The comedian gave an additional $300,000 to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute within the Arnold Palmer Hospital and regularly writes checks to child advocacy centers treating children who are victims of physical and sexual abuse.

To help grow his charity, the redneck comedian recently partnered with Huisken Meat Company, with a portion of the proceeds from the sale of their Black Angus beef deposited in the Git R Done coffers.

Many people may find his comedy less than funny — though with his $18 million in earnings last year,  more people find it funny than those who don't. Many people look forward to the day where they never have to hear the phrase "Get r done" ever again. If Larry the Cable Guy's commercial success means the his foundation can continue giving toward the health of children, well, we can all live with his redneck-isms for as long as he wants to share them, can't we?