Aileen Lee, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

TITLE: Program Director, Wild Salmon Ecosystems

FUNDING AREAS: Wild salmon ecosystem conservation

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IP TAKE: As the program director for the Wild Salmon Ecosystems Initiative  for the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Lee leads with both her heart and her head.

PROFILE: Aileen Lee brings a very strong skill set to the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, having earned an undergraduate degree in Political Science and East Asian Studies from Yale University, and a law degree from Harvard. Before she joined the foundation, Lee led a team at McKinsey & Company that helped clients to adopt effective operational strategies across a number of different industry sectors. She has also spent time in the past as chair of the board of the Environmental Grantmakers Association and treasurer of the Western Conservation Foundation, and currently volunteers in Los Altos Hills as a member of their Environmental Initiatives Committee.

For Moore, Lee is actively looking for people who have dynamic, proven ideas when it comes to protecting and restoring wild salmon habitat. It's not about a grant check; it's about long-term, effective strategy. Lee also focuses on working with potential grant recipients to ensure that they and the foundation are aligned on both the desired outcome of a project and the strategies to get there. Here's a quick look at a few recent grants coming out of Lee's wild salmon ecosystem program: 

  • $2.18 million over 28 months to the Tides Canada Foundation in support of its Skeena Headwaters Protection project. 
  • $2.25 million over 36 months to the Alaska Salmon Initiative in support of its Salmon Project.
  • $1.76 million over 18 months to Bulkley Valley Centre for Natural Resources Research and Management, to support their efforts to establish a new arrangement for monitoring the implementation of the Morice Water Management Area plan in the Skeena Watershed. 

Moore also supports work in aquaculture, including a partnership arrangement with Tides Canada for three projects in three years, for which Tides Canada received more than $5 million in grants. The projects were intended to take a look at the viability and sustainability of both on-land and floating closed containment salmon aquaculture pilot projects. 

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation is not currently accepting unsolicted proposals.