Amanda Northrop, State Street Foundation

TITLE: Vice President

FUNDING AREAS: Education, workforce, employment, and youth

CONTACT:, 617-664-4619

IP TAKE: Pitch Northrop a proposal to her that gets Boston public high school students more prepared for college and the employment workforce.

PROFILE: Although the State Street Foundation is headquartered in Boston, it makes grants in 26 countries around the world. On a local level, Amanda Northrop is in charge of grantmaking in Boston and Quincy, Massachusetts. Even though she has a brief background in public health (before joining State Street Foundation for the vast majority of her career to date), Northrop has to keep her focus on education preparedness and workforce readiness, which are the foundation's priorities.

Before joining State Street, Northrop got her bachelor's degree at Kenyon College and worked for a year as a program assistant at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. She joined State Street in 2000 as a program associate and has worked her way up to her current position. In addition to the foundation's main focus on education and job training, Northrop also looks at grant proposals that promise improvements in community development and environmental sustainability. She has overseen millions of dollars as they go to work for affordable housing, summer jobs for students, and fundraising events.

"Workers today need resilience, critical thinking, and an ability to both communicate effectively and relate to people from a variety of backgrounds. We need to make sure our local communities are producing job-ready young professionals with these kinds of skills," Northrop said after her foundation supported the Steppingstone Foundation, which provides urban schoolchildren with opportunities to succeed in college.

Northrop is primarily looking for programs that help high school students transition to postsecondary education and employment. She'll also take programs that offer solutions to homelessness and education disparities for younger, disadvantaged children. Across the board, low-income, undereducated, and at-risk youth are the target group.

State Street is a large operating philanthropy, which a large staff working in a variety of places. Northrop has not been a featured spokeswoman for the foundation very often and has kept a fairly low profile. Every geographic region has its own community support program committee, and Northrop is your go-to staff member if you operate in the Boston area. She considers proposals for specific project support, general operating support, and capital support.

For more information about State Street's grantmaking program, check out the foundation's grant proposal guidelines page and read the details about its two-step application process.