Carol Cornman, Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation

TITLE:  Vice President

FOCUS AREAS: Pediatric brain research

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PROFILE: Carol Cornman is the vice president of CBTF. Cornman’s foundation bio shares:

"Carol Cornman, Vice President of the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation, brings her leadership skills to the organization. Each year family, friends, and supporters join Carol and her daughters in celebrating the memory of her husband Geoff Cornman, a victim of a brain tumor many years ago. Carol brings to the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation her years of experience as one of the owners of PRISM and Vice President of Business Development. With over 18 years of experience in delivery, business development, sales, operations and executive leadership, she maintains the ability to build and execute strategic business plans and teams that are centered on quality and deliver maximum results. A focus on quality is what allows Carol to provide services which exceed customer and employee expectations. Her consultant creativity coupled with her epic business ability ensures that she is called on to master superior success with any challenge faced."

Her LinkedIn summary shares:

Carol Cornman is the owner and Executive Vice President of PRISM Inc. also known as Professional Resources in Information Systems Management. Many of her esteemed clients and employees have revered her as the "best in class" strategist by providing creative, multidisciplinary staffing solutions to Information Technology challenges. She exemplifies her core values and principles daily in serving over 20 years in the IT services industry. Carol is an active board member for the Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation and the founder of PRISM's Veteran Employment Program, National Reach and Career Placement Division. Her motivation continues to hold true in helping others while upholding core values and principles. 

I like to listen to people's experiences, likes, dislikes, business goals and personal goals. It is fascinating in learning about and from others. Life is too short to not enjoy what you do! 

She previously worked as the senior vice president for Sapphire Technologies for 14 years and a service and sales zone representative for Ford Motor Company for 4 years. She holds a BS in business marketing from Penn State University. She was the recipient of the Women in Technology Leadership Award.