Christina “Chrissie” Elcock, Bread & Roses Community Fund

TITLE: Program Associate

FOCUS AREAS: Racial equity, economic opportunity, social justice, criminal justice reform

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PROFILE:  Christina “Chrissie” Elcock is the program associate at the Bread & Roses Community Fund. A professional bio shares:

Christina Elcock graduated from Brunel University with a BA in English Literature & Creative Writing – and left with a desire to learn more about the world. She was born and bred in London and has spent the majority of her gap year travelling to places like Colombia to voluntarily assist in teaching English and to Vermont at a Quaker-based summer camp to nurture, teach and empower young girls. Although in these experiences she was the educator, Christina was also doing a lot of learning. These experiences were incredibly discerning for her and were a large part of her spiritual journey. It was what helped pave the way for this new chapter at QVS with Bread & Roses Community Fund, and she will be leaving a marketing role in the travel sector to make this possible. Christina is immensely excited to participate in something meaningful and much bigger than herself. She’s keen to continue to learn about their works, this journey she’s on and applying Quaker values to both her work and home life. Aside from this, Christina finds profound gratification in travel and writing and also administrate a digital poets’ & writers’ channel on Instagram. In addition to this, it’s books, arts & culture, the warm-hearted, occasional meditation and great food that are the secret ingredients that make for a contented self. Christina will be serving in Philadelphia this year.