Claire Billett, William Penn Foundation

TITLE: Program Officer, Watershed Protection

FUNDING AREAS: Watershed conservation and protection

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PROFILE: Claire Billet serves as a program officer at the William Penn Foundation, which shares the following bio:

For most of her career, Clare has been invested in preserving, restoring and improving natural resources and ecological systems throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region—working across the conservation practitioner’s spectrum from ecological restoration, management and design to land protection, conservation planning and natural-resource prioritization. She led regional SmartConservation® efforts that resulted in the development of innovative site assessment and decision-support tools, and also generated a regional Greenspace network of conservation hubs and migration corridors that would create a sustainable, connected landscape throughout eastern Pennsylvania. She has worked for private consultants and national and regional conservation nonprofits, and recently directed the wildland-urban interface brush-management program for the City of San Diego. Clare holds an M.S. in landscape architecture from the University of Sheffield, UK and a bachelor’s degree in geography with a specialization in Biogeography from the University of Nottingham, UK.