Dan Beck, Music Performance Trust Fund

TITLE: Trustee

FUNDING AREAS: Music performance, music in K-12 schools

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PROFILE: Dan Beck was named trustee of the Music Performance Trust Fund in July 2013. The press release at the time of his hire reads:

Beck has enjoyed a long and storied career in the music industry, including 20 years in the marketing department at Epic Records, culminating as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales. He also founded V2 Records in North America, as well as co-founded Big Honcho Media, LLC, a boutique entertainment marketing firm. In addition, he has served as an industry consultant, artist manager, and songwriter. He Executive Produced the recently released documentary Broke*, which explores the sustainability challenges faced by emerging indie artists. He held a similar role in the award-winning educational film Listen Smart, focusing on hearing conservation for musicians and music enthusiasts.

On his LinkedIn page, Beck shares these intriuging snippets about his past:

Johnny Cash once asked me to watch his two 17 year-old daughters–Roseanne and Carlene–so he could hang out in Vegas with his buddies–Carl Perkins and Nudie. I was 24 at the time. I said no. He was okay with it.

Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Willie Fong Young and I sang background on “They Ain’t Makin’ Jews Like Jesus Anymore” for my roommate’s debut album. He later ran for governor of Texas.

Steve Leber asked me to plan one of the first big parties at Studio 54. . . for the opening of Beatlemania on Broadway.

Gasolin, the biggest rock band in Denmark needed a lyric doctor for their American debut. I got the call. . . it didn’t sell. Christgau gave it an A-.

Michael Jackson liked my name for his greatest hits album “HIStory.”

Cyndi Lauper asked me to sweep the floor in her “Time After Time” video.

I’ve attended over 5,000 concerts in clubs, parks, arenas, stadiums, pastures, racetracks, and churches.

Richard Branson hired me to launch a record company for him in North America. My last signing was Moby.

I bought a new car that had an 8-track player.

I wrote a song with Dion DiMucci called (I Used To Be A) Brooklyn Dodger. I never lived in Brookyn. . . and neither did he.

Charlie Rich kidnapped me with a Lebanese pizza shop manager, his waitress, and 3 others. The Arkansas State Police found us at a Stuckee’s the next morning.

I wrote the first warning sticker. It was for a Ted Nugent album. It evolved into a marketing tool that rap and metal acts had to have.

I spent an all-nighter in a warehouse while Pearl Jam finished their LP cover, and then flew it back to New York. It was No Code or Vitalogy. I don’t remember. . . it was a long night.

I helped invent a cowboy band called Riders In The Sky in 1978. They are still playing! Somebody said it was a gimmick.

I spearheaded the launch the of Lambada dance crazy back in ’89-90. I was released on my own reconnaissance and given no jail time.

A bunch of other stuff happened.