Diana Barrett, The Fledgling Fund

TITLE: Founder & President

FUNDING AREAS: Film, documentaries, "creative media projects"

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PROFILE: Diana Barrett is President of The Fledgling Fund, which she also founded in 2005 after a distinguished career at Harvard University, where she taught in both the Business School and the School of Public Health. She has always been keenly interested in the areas of public/private partnerships for global poverty reduction and, in particular, in addressing the social and personal impact of diseases like HIV/AIDS. She began Fledgling to provide "an opportunity to further those interests by focusing on innovative approaches to complex social issues including the use of media to ignite social change."

Her foundation bio shares: 

I started Fledgling in 2005, after a long career at Harvard University where I taught at both the School of Public Health and the Business School.  I was interested in global poverty reduction and the role that corporations could and were playing in reducing the burden of disease. Within this work, storytelling was pivotal.  When I left in 2005, my next step was exploring how to tell richer and more visual stories.  At Fledgling, I have so many opportunities to support and work with filmmakers as they tell critical stories that can change our world. I am on various community boards, most actively on the Everglades Foundation board and on the Advisory Board of the Acumen Fund. I travel frequently with my husband and have three adult children who advise and inspire me.