Ellis Godard, Mockingbird Foundation

TITLE: Executive Director

FOCUS AREAS: Music education, K-12 education, music performance, underserved populations

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PROFILE: Ellis Godard is Executive Director of the Mockingbird Foundation, founded in 1996 by fans of the band Phish to raise funds for music education. His bio on the foundation's website reads:

Ellis Godard, Executive Director & Treasurer (120 shows, including the rail at 2/20/93) is Associate Professor of Sociology at California State University, Northridge, where he teaches courses in Criminology, Statistics, and Research Methods; and studies cross-cultural patterns of conflict management. He saw his first Phish show 10/10/90, and has volunteered for Phish.Net since 1991. He currently lives in Ventura County with his wife Kristen (105 shows) and two children (Noah and Maya; 5 shows). And he never for an instant believed that the “breakup” would be permanent.

The Mockingbird Foundation explicity requests you only contact them via email (no phone calls).