Frances K. Sherwood, Ayrshire Foundation

TITLE: Director

FUNDING AREAS: Youth development, STEM education, the environment, healthcare, services for the elderly and disabled, arts and culture, community development

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PROFILE: Frances K. (Fran) Sherwood is director of the Ayrshire Foundation. Her bio on the foundation's website reads:

Employed by the Gamble family for twenty years, Fran Sherwood was originally hired as Mr. James Gamble's Personal Assistant, where she was responsible for all administrative support for his investment counsel and family accounts, as well as the management of PARAID—a Donor Directed Foundation.

Upon Mr. Gamble's death in 2004, Ms. Sherwood assumed the position of Director of the Ayrshire Foundation. She said that observing how the Ayrshire's grants have benefited the many grantees over the years has been a very rewarding and educational experience.

Ms. Sherwood, through her continued involvement with the Ayrshire Foundation and other Gamble family endeavors, is proud to be an integral part of the Gamble family of philanthropy and good will.