Gary Landwirth, Fanny Landwirth Foundation

TITLE: Vice President

FOCUS AREAS: Food, shelter, clothing and education for underserved children and families

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PROFILE: Gary Landwirth is the vice president of the Fanny Landwirth Foundation and the son of the founder, Henri Landwirth.

Gary Landwirth founded and was the director of for A Gift for Teaching in Orlando in 1998. This is an organization that distributed free school supplies to underprivileged kids, but he stepped down from that role over a decade ago.

In April 2006, he began working with Giving Ideas, LLC, for which he provides the following summary of on LinkedIn:

Sustainable leadership is essential for sustainable funding and organizational success. Giving Ideas promotes a culture of sustainable leadership by helping organizations plan for and manage leadership change. Using proven and highly tailored approaches, Giving Ideas provides hands-on guidance with leadership development, long and short-range succession planning, executive search, and transition management.

His WNC Nonprofit Pathways bio shares:

The founder and principal, Gary Landwirth, is a respected speaker, dedicated volunteer and a highly experienced professional in all aspects of philanthropy.

After successfully building and leading successful nonprofit organizations for 15 years, Gary developed a deep appreciation for the importance of nurturing a culture of sustainable leadership for boards and staff members.  As a founding president who successfully transitioned out of that leadership role, he saw the difficult organizational, cultural, and personal effects this kind of change brings with it, but he also saw that it can also bring a pivotal opportunity for increasing organizational effectiveness. He also saw the importance of continual leadership development as the most critical factor in an organization’s long-term success.

Gary founded Giving Ideas, Inc. in 2006 to bring his unique level of leadership development and transition expertise to other nonprofit organizations. Utilizing carefully developed tools and processes, Gary’s goal is to bring a focused and realistic approach with a low key, down to earth and honest style to the organizations he works with, gently but effectively driving process, preparation and action.

Gary Landwirth received a DVM in veterinary medicine from the University of Florida. Personal interests include executive transition, organizational assessment, board development and strategic planning consulting for nonprofits. He is based in Asheville, North Carolina.