Greg Landwirth, Fanny Landwirth Foundation

Greg Landwirth, Fanny Landwirth Foundation

TITLE: President

FOCUS AREAS: Food, shelter, clothing and education for underserved children and families

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PROFILE: Greg Landwirth is the president of the Fanny Landwirth Foundation and also the Vice President & CFO of Landwirth Legacy Productions, an entertainment company for socially conscious media. He is the son of the founder, Henri Landwirth.

His Landwirth Legacy Productions bio shares:

As Vice President & CFO, Greg Landwirth is responsible for the management of the overall organization which includes financial planning, project budgets, and administration of best business practices. He has a diverse entrepreneurial background from manufacturing fishing lures marketed through an international distribution network to founding a successful nonprofit which distributed more than $2.5 million of basic school supplies to students in need. He has developed effective marketing strategies and obtained investor funding to create profitable business projects. Currently, Greg is the President of the Fanny Landwirth Foundation with a mission is to work together as a family to address critical needs in our communities through financial support, personal involvement and the continued development of a culture of philanthropy for future Landwirth generations.

Greg Landwirth once served as the president of A Gift for Teaching of Tampa but stepped down in 2006. He and his family have been active in local education endeavors, but he also has an interest in environmental and global warming issues. He is based in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.