Jaime Broach, The Broach Foundation for Brain Cancer Research

TITLE:  Executive Director

FOCUS AREAS: Brain cancer research

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PROFILE: Jaime Broach is the wife of James Broach, who was diagnosed and succumbed to an aggressive form of brain cancer. Together they established the Broach Foundation for Brain Cancer Research, with an executive board. Today, Jaime Broach serves on the foundation’s executive board along with eight other individuals and is the executive director.

Broach has been a board member and trustee for The Center in Houston, a nonprofit that serves people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. She is also a former corporate lawyer.

You can learn more about Jaime Broach’s background and her late husband’s battle with brain cancer in the TU Magazine article, “Brainstorming for a Cure.” Julie Jacob’s “Life and Love: Jaime Broach Starts Again with Purpose,” is worth a read as well. She was an economics major at Trinity University and a member of Gamma Chi Delta. She has three sons.