Johanna “Hanni” Hanson, Compton Foundation

TITLE: Program Associate

FOCUS AREAS: Climate change, peace and national security, reproductive rights and justice

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PROFILE: Johanna “Hanni” Hanson has been a program associate at the Compton Foundation since January 2015. She previously worked for the funder as a program consultant.

Her LinkedIn profile shares the following information about her current role:

• Review grant proposals and perform due diligence, including background research, financial analysis, and interviews with applicants and their references.
• Write grant dockets and make grant recommendations to staff and Board of Directors.
• Support the development, implementation, and evaluation of the Women Peace and Security Initiative, a special $5 million funding portfolio that aims to leverage the upcoming presidential transition and the opportunities it brings to integrate an inclusive, gendered perspective into mainstream US foreign policy and national security.
• Track trends and current events in climate change, reproductive rights and justice, peacebuilding, and democracy reform; prepare periodic context memos for the Board.
• Program development and analysis, including mapping portfolio networks.

She shares the following information about herself on her website:

My particular strengths lie in research and analysis, writing and communications, and relationship-building. I’ve worked in advocacy, philanthropy, and leadership development at the intersection of environmentalism and social justice, and have consulted for progressive nonprofits, foundations, and social good enterprises on strategy, research, and communications projects. I have a B.A. in Religious Studies with honors and distinction from Stanford University, where my work focused on the relationship of religion and movements for social change. I currently work for the Compton Foundation as a Program Associate, supporting its program areas in climate change, reproductive rights and justice, and peace and national security.