Judith Klein, Open Society Foundations

TITLE: Senior Program Advisor

FUNDING AREAS: Disability rights in Central and Eastern Europe

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PROFILE: Before joining the Open Society Foundations, Klein, a lawyer, worked to promote disability rights in the U.S. Specifically, she represented people with disabilities in guardianship and detention hearings. Her foundation bio shares: 

Judith Klein is a senior adviser to the Open Society Public Health Program.

Klein is a human rights lawyer who founded and has directed the Mental Health Initiative at the Open Society Foundations since 1995. The Mental Health Initiative focuses on ending the unjustified and inappropriate institutionalization of people with intellectual and/or psychosocial disabilities by advocating for deinstitutionalization and the development of community-based alternatives. For the past 22 years, Klein has pioneered the development and the replication of innovative models of community-based services that allow people to live dignified lives, as equal citizens, in their local communities. Klein is now leading the incubation of an independent non-profit, a global legacy mental health project of the Open Society Foundations, to be launched in late 2018. The new organization, INclude, builds on Klein’s decades of work at the Open Society Foundations. INclude is a social venture that will work with partners to seek systemic means of achieving sustainable social and economic inclusion for people with intellectual and/or psychosocial disabilities.

Prior to working at the Foundations, Klein, a member of the state bars of Florida and Michigan, litigated on behalf of people with intellectual and/or psychosocial disabilities in the United States.