Nancy Klavans, Germeshausen Foundation

TITLE:  President and Trustee

FOCUS AREAS: Positive change in youth culture, leadership development for young adults, environmental and ecological values, and imaginative media projects on current issues

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PROFILE: Nancy Klavans has been the Germeshausen Foundation’s president and trustee since 2001. She is the daughter of Kenneth and Pauline Germeshausen, who established the foundation in 1967.

Klavans’ foundation bio shares:

Nancy Klavans has been actively involved in the Germeshausen Foundation since 1990, assuming leadership in 2001 and becoming president in 2003.

Under Nancy's leadership, the foundation has continued to support WGBH in the development of innovative programs including Arthur, Between the Lions, Loop, Martha Speaks, Misunderstood Minds, and Zoom.

At the same time, Nancy has broadened the foundation's areas of interest, providing early funding to the Center for Alternative Medicine Research and Education at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, in Boston, and to the University of Massachusetts Medical School for its work in mind/body medicine.

The foundation also helped advance the emerging field of religion and ecology, which explores the critical role that the world's religions play in shaping environmental ethics for a sustainable future for the planet. The foundation continues to provide substantial support for the Forum on Religion and Ecology, now based at Yale University, and the related work of the Thomas Berry Foundation, both under the leadership of Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim.

The foundation has also provided support to The Center of Rational Spirituality, which is dedicated to the betterment of humanity through the integration of ancient spiritual wisdom and modern rational thought.

Nancy has also developed collaborative relationships with dynamic leaders who are having a positive and lasting impact on society. Several of these initiatives help young people to fulfill their potential and become tomorrow's leaders.

Programs such as EcoHealth Alliance (formerly Wildlife Trust Alliance) are helping to develop new leaders in the environmental field in the United States and in developing nations.

Peace First (formerly Peace Games) teaches young children how to manage difficult issues such as schoolyard fighting and bullying.

Teen Empowerment provides leadership opportunities to students in inner city high schools and communities.

The NGK Fellowships of the Women and Public Policy Program at the Kennedy School at Harvard University provides opportunities for graduate students to work collaboratively with women peace builders in conflict regions of the world.

Humanity in Action sponsors cross-cultural experiences for students on the values of human dignity and moral responsibility for the protection of the rights of minorities.

Nancy has also led the foundation into film, video, and other media, supporting a number of projects with Bill Moyers including The Language of Life with Bill Moyers, a television special on the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival, and a Bill Moyers special on environmental issues called The Global Report Card.

The foundation has also provided funding for several documentary films:

Journey of the Universe, a documentary explaining the science of the creation of earth and the fragility of its existence featuring mathematical cosmologist Brian Swimme.

Run Granny Run, a documentary about Doris Haddock's dramatic fight for campaign finance reform and her campaign for U.S. senator from New Hampshire.

Coexist, a documentary about the efforts to achieve peace and reconciliation following the genocide in Rwanda.

Renewal, a film about efforts by religious and civic groups to fight environmental degradation and pollution.

Voice of the Valley, a film about women gaining access to media in Jordan.