Nicholas J.S. Gibson, John Templeton Foundation

TITLE: Senior Program Officer, Human Sciences

FUNDING AREAS: Anthropology, sociology, political science, and psychology, religion, spirituality

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PROFILE: Nicholas J.S. Gibson is the John Templeton Foundation's program officer in charge of grantmaking for academic research in what the group terms the "human sciences": anthropology, sociology, political science, and psychology. His foundation bio shares: 

Nicholas Gibson is responsible for developing grant programs on the scientific study of religion and non-religion, the psychology of virtues and character strengths, and the interface between spirituality and health. He has a particular interest in projects taking a cognitive approach to these areas.
Dr. Gibson studied psychology and physiology at the University of Oxford and received his Ph.D. in psychology of religion from the University of Cambridge. He was subsequently a research fellow in science and religion at Queens’ College, Cambridge, where he also taught social psychology.