Peter Konrad, Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation

TITLE: Managing Consultant

FUNDING AREAS: Mental health

CONTACT:, 303-993-5385

IP TAKE: Konrad caps off a long career in nonprofit management by contracting with foundations, among them the Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation, to manage their affairs. At Weyerhaeuser, Konrad oversees more than half a million dollars in mental health grants annually, focusing almost entirely on the well-being of women and girls in the developing world and abused children in the United States.

PROFILE: The Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation, headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, has an unusual approach to staffing: The only contact it lists on its website is not a foundation employee, but rather a Denver-based consultant. This consultant, Peter Konrad, makes his living as a sort of freelance philanthropic guru. It's an uncommon gig, but one Konrad does with enough competence to earn himself big-name clients.

The Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation gets its money from timber titan Charles Weyerhaeuser, so it's not surprising that the foundation has a forestry focus. On the human side of its investment practices, however, the Weyerhaeuser Family Foundation prioritizes mental health—for women and girls internationally (through the foundation's "general program") and for child victims of domestic violence in the United States (through the "children's initiative"). In 2012, Weyerhaeuser gives out more than three-quarters of a million dollars in grants annually, with nearly two-thirds of that going to mental health programs.

A few of Weyerhaeuser's recent (non-forest-related) investments:

  • $20,000 to Pueblo a Pueblo to support a mentoring program, with a reproductive health focus, for Mayan women in Guatemala
  • $26,965 to Lotus Outreach to support education for young girls in Cambodia
  • $25,000 to Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Texas to help sponsor a mentorship program for children in the region who have been victims of domestic violence
  • $27,000 to Sistercare, Inc. to provide services for battered women and their children in Columbia, South Carolina

Before he came on board with Weyerhaeuser (and the various other foundations he consults for), Konrad was himself a foundation executive with a focus on operations management. For 15 years, he was vice president of the Colorado Trust, which promotes health care for people in his home state. Konrad developed a fellows program for that trust, which funds master's degrees for students in non-profit management, during an executive training program he participated in at Harvard University. (Konrad's training begot additional training, it seems.) A partial list of other notable Konrad achievements: teaching in Denver public schools, co-authoring a textbook called Financial Management for Nonprofits, being a CPA, and winning the Teacher of the Year award for his "excellence in teaching" as an adjunct professor of non-profit management at Regis University.

Weyerhaeuser accepts applications for mental health funding once a year—on August 1 for the general program and April 1 for the children's initiative. Additional information on grantee requirements for the respective programs is available here and here. The foundation's website lists Konrad as the direct contact for any grant process questions.