Ruth Hennig, The John Merck Fund

TITLE:  Executive Director

FOCUS AREAS: Clean energy, food systems, environmental health, people with disabilities.

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PROFILE: Ruth Henning is The John Merck Fund’s executive director. Her online bios shares:

Ruth is the executive director of The John Merck Fund, which she joined as the foundation's first staff member in 1988, the year that climate change began to get sustained media attention. In addition to management responsibilities, she functions as the director of the Environment Program. Prior to joining the foundation, Ruth was on the Conservation Law Foundation's senior staff. Ruth chairs the board of SmartPower, which is attempting to build markets for clean energy across the country, and was a founding advisory committee member of the New England Grassroots Environment Fund. She was instrumental in creating both organizations.

You can learn more about Hennig’s approach to environmental issues and grantmaking in her interview with Rachel’s Network. She has the following statement about the Clean Air Task Force:

The Clean Air Task Force is not just an advocate; it's an agenda setter. Whether it's outmoded coal plants, diesel emissions, or black carbon, CATF has moved these potent climate drivers that weren't previously on the radar screen into the core solution set. In the process, they've succeeded in bringing many new allies into the climate movement. The John Merck Fund is proud to be a CATF supporter.