Samantha Fordyce, Solano Community Foundation

TITLE: Development Associate

FOCUS AREAS: Arts/culture/humanities, community improvement/capacity building, education, health, human services/seniors/veterans, public & society benefit, and youth development

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PROFILE: Samantha Fordyce is the development associate at the Solano Community Foundation. She has been with the foundation since November 2014 and previously worked as a business consultant for Your Back Office for 13 years. Before that, she held managerial positions at Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo, and Deloitte.

She shares the following information on her LinkedIn page:

I work at Solano Community Foundation as development associate. In this position I am connecting with our current donors, working to increase our donor base, and helping to raise our public profile. We support other non-profits in our county in a variety of ways, both by making grants to them from the funds we administer, and by obtaining grants we can then share with our members. We award a number of educational scholarships and grants from endowed funds we manage. We also offer training in management and governance to staff and board members of our constituent non-profits. I'm incredibly excited. I have an opportunity to make a substantial contribution to the community in which I live. Watch for future developments. Follow my progress at, or on Facebook at Solano Community Foundation.
As the development associate at Solano Community Foundation, I am reaching out to both non-profit and for-profit organizations in Solano County and the Bay Area. We administer endowed funds, non-endowed funds, and other funds, all for the purpose of improving life for the residents of Solano County. For example, we awarded $216,000 in new scholarships this year; some four-year, some one-year. We continue to disburse scholarship money to winners from previous years. We have made grants to the Fall Prevention Partnership, a program to reduce falls among the senior population. It has been greatly successful. We also made mini-grants ($1,000 max) to music teachers and, through another grant program, we make grants to teachers for the purpose of education enrichment and to nonprofits that support after-school, mentoring, and summer-learning programs. We support the philanthropic intentions of our fundholders. This year we held our inaugural online crowdfunding program called Give Local Solano, for which I was project manager. Despite the well-publicized failure of the donation platform nationwide, we and our nonprofit partners felt we achieved some major objectives: We raised awareness of our foundation, of the need for local philanthropy, and of the contributions of our partners to the well-being of our county's residents. We are already planning for next year's campaign, to be conducted for 24 hours on May 4, 2017.

Her professional bio shares:

Samantha is the development director at the Solano Community Foundation. After 34 years of work in the business and financial sector, and more specifically in their IT departments, she decided to spend her time helping others around her. She is excited to be part of such an organization that is part of the community which she calls home. The Foundation was responsible for awarding $190,000 in new scholarships this year, as well as grants to educators for the purpose of educational enrichment. Samantha has reached many levels of success throughout her career which she attributes to being a self-starter and her willingness to adapt.