Sandra Nathan, Marin Community Foundation

TITLE: Vice President of Programs

FUNDING AREAS: Education, affordable housing, poverty, aging, health, social justice 

CONTACT:, (415) 464-2519

IP TAKE: Nathan may be relatively new to her position at the Marin Community Foundation, but she brings a lot of relevant philanthropy experience with her. Senior citizens and LGBT populations have been long-time passion projects for her. If you can find a way to benefit these populations within the confines of Marin's primary focus areas, you're golden.

PROFILE: Old people, young people, rich people, poor people: Sandra Nathan has worked alongside pretty much everyone. She's only been part of the Marin family since 2012, but she isn't all that new to the world of philanthropy.

Her most relevant position was as CEO of the Richmond Community Foundation in California. Nathan has also been the senior vice president of economic security at the National Council on Aging and held key county government positions in San Francisco and Santa Clara. She's also serve on the board of directors for Generations United and Grantmakers in Aging. Nathan earned her bachelor's degree in sociology from the University of San Diego and her master's in public administration at National University, also in San Diego.

The Marin Community Foundation has three strategic initiatives: education, poverty, and affordable housing. However, the foundation identified several other community needs that it considers addresses on a secondary level: art, education, aging, legal, health, social justice, and immigration. Once everything's said and done, Marin is a pretty diverse funder.

This fact made Nathan an obvious choice for the role of Vice President of Programs. Nathan has filled yet another vice presidential role with programs and loans at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. She's also been a long-time advocate for the elderly, working at the national level for AARP and the National Council on Aging within numerous California cities and counties. And she's found a way to merge her passions for senior citizens and the LGBT community by pioneering an early outreach program for older adults at risk for HIV/AIDS and strategic plans for gay and lesbian older adults.

Marin has a very straightforward grantmaking process and Nathan makes herself very accessible to grantseekers. In fact, she's the primary point of contact for Marin's community grant program. This makes perfect sense since the needs of LGBT and aging populations fall under this program umbrella. Since the foundation has a decently-sized staff to be specialists in the various program areas, Nathan can be more of a generalist and evaluate programs from a broader perspective. For more information on Marin's community grant program or its strategic initiatives, take a browse through the foundation website.