Sarah McCarthey, McCarthey Dressman Education Foundation

TITLE: Founder

FOCUS AREAS: K-12 education, low income student populations

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PROFILE: Sarah McCarthey a Professor of Education at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is the co-founder (with Mark Dressman) of the McCarthey Dressman Education Foundation, also sitting on its Board of Trustees. Her bio on the foundation's website states:

Sarah McCarthey teaches reading and language arts courses in the teacher preparation program and graduate courses in children’s writing and discourse. Her research focuses on students’ identities as literacy learners and writing instruction. She has authored three books, more than 30 peer-reviewed journal articles, and 15 book chapters. Before completing her Ph.D at Michigan State University, she taught in the Salt Lake City School District for eight years. Sarah is co-editor (with Mark Dressman and Paul Prior) of the journal Research in the Teaching of English and co-investigator (with Gail Hawisher and Libbie Morley) of the University of Illinois Writing Project.

Her bio on College of Education Illinois' website also adds:

Sarah McCarthey's research focuses on teachers' writing instruction within current policy contexts. She serves as Director of Teacher Education and manages all programs in the College. As co-editor (with Mark Dressman and Paul Prior) of Research in the Teaching of English, Sarah has been in the forefront of publishing outstanding literacy research. Her leadership in the University of Illinois Writing Project has linked the College of Education with local schools, Writing Studies, and the National Writing Project.

McCarthey has a bachelor's degree in English and Elementary Education from Tufts University, a master's degree in teacher education from Stanford University, and a PhD in Teacher Education from Michigan State University.

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