Dwayne Proctor, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

TITLE: Senior Adviser to the President

FUNDING AREAS: Childhood obesity, urban populations, research

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PROFILE: Dwayne Proctor used to head the national Healthy Weight for All Children directive at the Robert Johnson Wood Foundation (RWJF). Today, he is the senior adviser to the president. His foundation bio shares: 

Dwayne Proctor, PhD, senior adviser to the President and director, believes that the Foundation’s vision for building a Culture of Health presents a unique opportunity to achieve health equity by advancing and promoting innovative systems changes related to the social determinants of health.

Proctor came to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) in 2002 as a senior communications and program officer, providing strategic guidance and resources for several child health and risk-prevention initiatives like the Nurse-Family PartnershipFree to Grow, Leadership to Keep Children Alcohol-Free, Partnership for a Drug-Free America and the National Campaign to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy. In 2005, Proctor was tapped to lead RWJF’s national strategies to reverse the rise in childhood obesity rates. In this role, he worked with his colleagues to: (1) promote effective changes to public policies and industry practices; (2) test and demonstrate innovative community and school-based environmental changes; and (3) use both “grassroots” and “treetops” advocacy approaches to educate leaders on their roles in preventing childhood obesity. Proctor is known for his strategic collaborations, having worked on several cross-sector initiatives (e.g., Partnership for a Healthier America, the evaluation of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, ChildObesity 180) and national programs that focused on decreasing childhood obesity disparities gaps (e.g., Healthy Schools Program; Salud America!; Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities; Communities Creating Healthy Environments; National Policy and Legal Action Network; and Voices for Healthy Kids). In 2014, as multiple municipalities and states were reporting signs of progress in reversing the childhood obesity epidemic, Proctor was reassigned to direct RWJF’s work to eliminate health disparities.

Before coming to the Foundation, Proctor was an assistant professor at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine where he taught courses on health communication and marketing to multicultural populations. During his Fulbright Fellowship in Senegal, West Africa, his research team investigated how HIV/AIDS prevention messages raised awareness of AIDS as a national health problem. Proctor received his doctoral, master’s and bachelor’s degrees in marketing and communication science from the University of Connecticut. He is the former chairman of the board of directors for the Association of Black Foundation Executives and currently is the chairman of the board of trustees for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.


Pamela Riley, The Commonwealth Fund

TITLE: Assistant Vice President, Delivery System Reform

FUNDING AREAS: Health care for vulnerable populations

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PROFILE: Riley is an assistant vice president at the Commonwealth Fund. Her foundation bio shares:

Pamela Riley, M.D., M.P.H., is vice president for Delivery System Reform at The Commonwealth Fund. Her area of focus is on transforming health care delivery systems for vulnerable populations, including low-income groups, racial and ethnic minorities, and uninsured populations. Dr. Riley was previously program officer at the New York State Health Foundation, where she focused on developing and managing grantmaking programs in the areas of integrating mental health and substance use services, addressing the needs of returning veterans and their families, and diabetes prevention and management. Earlier in her career, Dr. Riley served as clinical instructor in the Division of General Pediatrics at the Stanford University School of Medicine. In this capacity, she was a general pediatrician and associate medical director for Pediatrics at the Ravenswood Family Health Center, a federally qualified health center in East Palo Alto, Calif. Dr. Riley served as a Duke University Sanford School of Public Policy Global Health Policy Fellow at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, and has served as a volunteer physician in Peru and Guatemala. Dr. Riley received an M.D. from the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine in 2000, and completed her internship and residency in pediatrics at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, Calif., in 2003. Dr. Riley received an M.P.H. from the Harvard School of Public Health as a Mongan Commonwealth Fund Fellow in Minority Health Policy in 2009.


Kristin Schubert, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

TITLE: Director

FUNDING AREAS: Public health issues for vulnerable populations and adolescents

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PROFILE: Schubert is the interim assistant vice president at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Her foundation bio shares: 

Kristin Schubert, interim assistant vice president - program, helps to shape the Foundation’s strategy to promote ways to improve the health of children and families, particularly the connection between child health and family well-being and nurturing environments in which children can thrive. Her efforts support building a Culture of Health that helps all children develop physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively to the best of their ability. As she puts it “we must learn as a nation how much early childhood matters to lifelong health, longevity, and prosperity. Helping children develop social and emotional skills is one of the most important things we can do to prepare them for a healthy future.”
Schubert also manages RWJF programs that address the need for children to grow up at a healthy weight. Through alliances with a growing coalition of civic and business leaders, she advances changes in public policy, community environments, and industry practices that can help all children have a healthy start in life. This includes programs for family and social support, including affordable child care, and mental and emotional well-being. She believes that far too many children across the nation lack nutritious foods, energetic play, and positive social and emotional environments, all of which affect their health at every stage of life.
Since Schubert joined RWJF in 2000, her work has focused on applying a public health perspective to the health issues faced by vulnerable populations, particularly children and adolescents. She praises RWJF’s pioneering approaches to helping vulnerable families get the care and services they need.
Previously, Schubert was a policy analyst for the Centers for Disease Control-funded Prevention Research Center, focusing on barriers to health among vulnerable populations and youth health and development issues. Trained as a molecular biologist, she began her career as a cancer researcher at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.
Schubert holds an MPH in health policy and administration from Yale University and a BS in molecular biology from Lehigh University. Raised in a family of teachers—her mother, father, aunt, and sister have all dedicated themselves to education—she is the devoted mother of two young boys.


Nike Irvin, California Community Foundation

Nike Irvin has been busy using her longtime experience to make some of Los Angeles’ charities even stronger. As Vice President of Programs at the California Community Foundation (CCF), Irvin has utilized her leadership skills to work on special initiatives in areas like arts, education, health care and human development. It’s safe to say that without Irvin many sectors of the population would be in dire straits.
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Anne Weiss, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

TITLE: Director

FUNDING AREAS: Health and healthcare

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PROFILE: Before Anne Weiss joined the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in 1999, this Detroit native by way of Harvard's Kennedy School, oversaw the indigent care program in New Jersey hospitals and directed the implementation of New Jersey's subsidized health-care program for the working uninsured. Her foundation bio shares: 

Anne F. Weiss, managing director, leads the Foundation’s efforts to build a Culture of Health by transforming health and health care systems.
Weiss joined the Foundation in 1999, after a distinguished career in health care policy at both the federal and state level. She served as senior assistant commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Health, where she directed the state’s oversight of the quality of care delivered by health care providers and health plans, and was also responsible for the state’s hospital indigent care programs. She worked with physicians and hospitals throughout the state to issue New Jersey’s first report card on health care quality. Weiss also served as executive director of New Jersey’s blue-ribbon health reform panel, the Essential Health Services Commission, where she directed implementation of a subsidized health benefits program for the working uninsured.
Previously, Weiss spent 10 years in Washington, D.C., as professional staff to the United States Senate Committee on Finance and as a senior examiner with the Office of Management and Budget. She also has served as a program analyst in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, was a member of the steering committee of the National Academy for State Health Policy, and served on the board of the National Association of Health Data Organizations.
Weiss received her MPP from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, and a BA in history and political science from Wellesley College.

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David Fukuzawa, The Kresge Foundation

TITLE: Managing Director, Health

FUNDING AREAS: Access to healthcare, community health partnerships, food insecurity, and healthy housing and environments

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PROFILE: David Fukuzawa is the managing director of The Kresge Foundation's Health program. His foundation shares: 

David D. Fukuzawa, managing director of Kresge's Health and Human Services Programs, has more than 20 years of experience in philanthropy, with a special focus on children and youth.
His experience as a youth worker and community organizer in Detroit and Chicago taught him that health and well-being are profoundly affected by the condition of the communities, schools and environment in which people live. Those lessons inform the efforts he has led to re-envision and redesign Kresge’s approach to health grantmaking.
David joined Kresge in 2000 and has served as a program officer and senior program officer. In 2002, he helped develop the Special Opportunities Initiative. The initiative focused on building the capacity of high-impact organizations that reached underserved populations, but were uncompetitive in the foundation’s historic bricks-and-mortar challenge program. He then managed the initiative.
He was a program officer at The Skillman Foundation in Detroit from 1990 to 1999. At Skillman, David focused on child and youth health. He was responsible for a major initiative to address the lack of safe and accessible out-of-school opportunities for Detroit youth, a major factor in the city’s high incidence of violence, delinquency, substance abuse, and teen pregnancy. He also helped develop Michigan’s first statewide childhood immunization registry.
Before his career in philanthropy, David served as director of human needs at New Detroit, Inc. (NDI), where he was responsible for policy analysis and development, particularly in the areas of welfare reform and health care reform. He drafted NDI’s policy statement for health care reform and was NDI’s liaison to the Michigan Legislature regarding liability/tort reform and its effect on physicians in Detroit. He also administered a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant, which established the first school-based health centers in the Detroit Public Schools.
David moved to Detroit in 1981, fresh from seminary, to work with youth on the streets, where he learned firsthand about the roots of urban drug-related violence. That experience directly informed a booklet, which he co-wrote while at NDI titled Drug Free Neighborhoods: How we can do it.  The Michigan Substance Abuse and Traffic Safety Information Center reprinted the booklet in 1993 with a new title, Creating Drug Free Neighborhoods in Michigan: How we can do it.
A Yale University graduate, David also holds a master of divinity degree from Catholic Theological Union in Chicago and a master of science in administration degree from Central Michigan University. He has published articles about urban issues and population health, including “Achieving Healthy Communities through Community-centered Health Systems” in the Winter 2013 edition of National Civic Review.

Laura Sherman, Klarman Family Foundation

TITLE: Director, Greater Boston Grantmaking

FUNDING AREAS: Public health and arts

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PROFILE: Laura Sherman, the Klarman Family Foundation's Director of Greater Boston Grantmaking and former senior program officer, has spent her career in the philanthropy business, and she's seen it from quite a few angles and gotten some great perspective. Sherman has been with Klarman since 2009, but her varied experience prior to that has made her instrumental in the foundation's success.

Before joining the Klarman Family Foundation, Sherman worked for a couple of years as a program officer at the Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family Foundation. Her current role might feel  familiar to her, as the two foundations have similarities; both are Boston-based philanthropies founded on the assets of wealthy businessmen. In the case of the Klarman Family Foundation, that businessman was the soft-spoken and publicly shy Seth Klarman, and the foundation has more than $255 million in assets.

Sherman also understands the flip side of the non-profit equation as well. She worked as an independent consultant to non-profit organizations for five years before diving into family foundation work. Prior to starting her own consulting firm, she served as vice president of strategic planning and development at Crittenton Hastings House, a Boston-based nonprofit aimed at housing, education, and workforce improvements. Unlike many other program officers, Sherman has worked on the outside, the inside, and on the side. She's been the one trying to get grants, help others get grants, and now decide who is worthy of grants.

Sherman earned her bachelor's degree in anthropology and liberal arts from Vassar College and an master's in health policy and management from Harvard School of Public Health. During her time at the Klarman Family Foundation, she has served as a contributing member of the State Street Foundation's youth violence prevention initiative. She's also served on the working committee of the Boston Public Schools Arts Expansion initiative, which has exposed arts education to thousands of students during the school day. However, Klarman really draws upon Sherman's background in public health, as that's one of the foundation's primary focus areas.


Stacey Barbas, The Kresge Foundation

TITLE: Senior Program Officer, Health

FUNDING AREAS: Health disparities and public health

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PROFILE: Stacey Barbas is a senior program officer at the Kresge Foundation. Her foundation bio shares: 

As a senior program officer for Health, Stacey Barbas helps oversee grantmaking and investing aimed at reducing health disparities by addressing conditions that lead to poor health outcomes. She works with grantees engaged in innovative, cross-sector, interdisciplinary efforts to mitigate the social and environmental factors leading to health disparities. Stacey invites and reviews grant requests from nonprofit organizations and safety-net health institutions addressing the social and environmental factors that disproportionately affect at-risk communities.
“As a member of the Health team, I feel privileged to help provide resources to organizations that are working with vulnerable, disenfranchised populations and improving the health of their communities,” says Stacey, who makes site visits to grantees in underserved urban and rural areas. “Through Kresge’s grantmaking, these communities often are given the opportunity to have a voice and choices in their health that they may not have had before.”
Stacey has been involved in charitable work since 1985. Prior to joining the foundation in 2008, she served for five years as executive director of the Michigan AIDS Fund, a statewide grantmaking organization. Earlier, she worked 16 years at the United Way for Southeastern Michigan, where she held various positions, including director of information services and manager of the 2-1-1 call center, an around-the-clock information and referral service.

After graduating from Wayne State University, Stacey earned a master of science in administration degree from Central Michigan University.

Peter Tavernise, Cisco Foundation

TITLE: Executive Director

FUNDING AREAS: Public health, human services, childhood obesity, health care, crime and violence prevention, clean water, global disasters, and emergency response

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PROFILE: Peter Tavernise is the Executive Director of the Cisco Foundation. His company bio shares:

Peter Tavernise is the Executive Director of the Cisco Foundation and Director of Cisco Public Benefit Investment. Peter brings over 25 years of non-profit fundraising, private family foundation, and corporate funding experience to meeting the core mission and strategy of Cisco Public Benefit Investment. We empower global problem solvers to speed the pace of social change. Global problem solvers are individuals who innovate as technologists, think like entrepreneurs, and act as social change agents. Cisco supports internet-based solutions in areas of critical human needs (food, water, shelter, and disaster relief), access to education (K-8), and economic empowerment, which can be replicated, scaled, and sustained.
Peter is currently a Trustee of the Cisco South Africa Education Trust, a board member of the Giraffe Heroes Project, an advisory board member of GreatNonprofits.org, and has served as a member of the American Red Cross Corporate Advisory Council, and the Contributions Council of The Conference Board. Peter is a previous Cisco Community Leadership Fellow at Public Allies North Carolina, and is a past board member of Teachers Without Borders, YouthNoise.org, and the Affordable Housing Trust of Santa Clara County. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Davidson College, and a Masters in Humanities from Duke University.

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Jeffrey Seungkyu Kim, The California Wellness Foundation

TITLE: Program Director

FUNDING AREAS: Health in aging, mental health and health care in traditionally underserved communities

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PROFILE: Jeffrey Seungkyu Kim is program director of The California Wellness Foundation, where his official bio shares:

Jeffrey S. Kim is a program director at The California Wellness Foundation where he currently manages grantmaking related to improving oral health care for low-income adults and seniors, and increasing educational opportunities for resilient youth. His responsibilities include reviewing letters of interest, requesting and evaluating grant proposals, conducting site visits, making funding recommendations and monitoring active grants.

Prior to joining Cal Wellness in April 2005, Kim was associate director of development for the National Conference for Community and Justice – Los Angeles Region. Before that, he worked for the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center as deputy director for the legal services department.

Kim was appointed by the speaker of the California State Assembly to the California Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander American Affairs and currently is the commission’s treasurer. Previously, he served on the board of directors of Grantmakers In Aging. Kim is a member of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy and formerly served on the steering committee of its Los Angeles chapter.

A member of the State Bar of California, Kim earned his law degree from the University of Michigan and his bachelor’s degree in economics from Yale University.

Crystal Crawford, The California Wellness Foundation

TITLE: Program Director

FUNDING AREAS: Diversity in healthcare, women's health

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PROFILE: Crystal Crawford serves as program director for The California Wellness Foundation, where her official bio shares:

Crystal D. Crawford is a program director at The California Wellness Foundation where she currently manages grantmaking related to diversity in the health professions; women of color at risk for, or living with, HIV, AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections; and employment for women who have been incarcerated. Her responsibilities include reviewing letters of interest, requesting and evaluating grant proposals, conducting site visits, making funding recommendations and monitoring active grants.

Prior to joining Cal Wellness in August 2012, Crawford was CEO of the California Black Women’s Health Project (CABWHP), the only statewide organization solely devoted to improving the health of California’s black women and girls through policy, advocacy, education and outreach. Prior to her role as CEO, she was CABWHP’s director of public policy. Before working in the nonprofit, public interest sector, Crawford was a litigation associate with nationally renowned corporate law firms in Los Angeles, Boston and New York, as well as a public school teacher.

Crawford is actively involved in the leadership of numerous civic and community organizations. She serves as vice chairperson of the Los Angeles County Public Health Commission and as a member of the Women’s Health Policy Council for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health’s Office of Women’s Health. She served on the executive committee of the Women’s Health Council of the statewide Office of Women’s Health (OWH) until its elimination in July 2012. She serves on the board of the Rockefeller Center for Public Policy at Dartmouth, which provides students with public policy and leadership development, academic instruction, training opportunities and internships. She is also an officer of her church in Inglewood, where she directs the provision of $50,000 annually in college scholarships to youth and young adults in South Los Angeles. In 1997, she founded and continues to direct College Conquerors, her church’s undergraduate pipeline program that provides youth with college preparation and counseling services. She previously served on the boards of the Tucker Foundation at Dartmouth College, Health Access California and SisterSong and on the advisory council for the California Breast Cancer Research Program.

Crawford is the recipient of numerous awards including the 2009 Advocates’ Award from the Western Center on Law and Poverty and the 2012 PowerPAC Award from the Los Angeles African American Women’s Political Action Committee.

Originally from Harlem, New York, Crawford earned her bachelor’s degree in history from Dartmouth College and law degree from New York University School of Law. She is admitted to the bar in California, New York and New Jersey.

Casey Wasserman, Wasserman Foundation

TITLE: President and CEO

FUNDING AREAS: Education, arts, environmental responsibility, health

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PROFILE: Casey Wasserman is President and CEO of the Wasserman Foundaiton, where his bio shares:  

Casey Wasserman is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Wasserman Media Group, a leading sports, entertainment and lifestyle marketing and management agency that represents brands, properties and talent on a global basis.  In 2014 Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti appointed Wasserman to head the city’s Olympic host efforts as the LA2024 Chairman, and in September 2015 the United States Olympic Committee selected Los Angeles as its U.S. Olympic bid city.

Wasserman also serves as President and CEO of the Wasserman Foundation, a private family foundation founded in 1952 by his grandparents Lew and Edie Wasserman. The Foundation currently funds in the areas of education, arts & culture, health, service and global initiatives. Wasserman is a Trustee of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and a board member of several renowned philanthropic organizations including The Jules Stein Eye Institute, The LBJ Presidential Library and The Motion Picture & Television Fund.

Wasserman serves on the board of directors of Activision and the digital media company, Vox Media. He holds a B.A. in Political Science from UCLA and resides in Los Angeles.