Nathan A. Low

NET WORTH: Unknown

SOURCE OF WEALTH: Sunrise Financial Group

JEWISH FUNDING AREAS: Community, Education & Youth, Israel 

OVERVIEW: Nathan Low moves his philanthropy through the Sunrise Charitable Foundation. His giving largely focuses on the Jewish community in the United States and Israel. 

BACKGROUND: Nathan A. Low graduated with an A.B. from Harvard College in 1982. He worked at Salomon Brothers as a VP as well as at Bear Stearns. He went on to found Sunrise Financial Group and Sunrise Israel Tech, a growth engine for Israeli start-ups.


ISRAEL: Given that Low has been an active investor in Israel for years, it's no surprise that some of his philanthropy goes to efforts in Israel. He's helped fund American Friends of Shalva Israel; American Friends of Leket Israel, which supports the national food bank; and American Friends of Alyn Hospital. 

EDUCATION & YOUTH: Grantees include New Israel Rabbinical College; Young Jewish Professionals; Manhattan Jewish Experience; Ramaz School; and Yad Avraham Institute, a Torah learning institute in New York City.

COMMUNITY: Low has supported The Jewish Center, The Green & Sea Point Hebrew Congregation, and Jewish Center of Atlantic Beach.

LOOKING FORWARD: Low's giving through his foundation has been fairly modest recently, but expect his interest in Jewish institutions to continue.


Sunrise Charitable Foundation
1330 Avenue of the Americas, No 36C
New York City, NY 10019


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