Oliver and Elizabeth Stanton

NET WORTH: Unknown

SOURCE OF WEALTH: Transammonia

JEWISH FUNDING AREAS: Community, Education, Israel

OVERVIEW:  Oliver Stanton and his wife Elizabeth give through The Elizabeth and Oliver Stanton Foundation. They support the Jewish community, primarily in the Northeast and in Israel.  

BACKGROUND: Oliver Stanton graduated from Tufts University. He joined Transammonia, a fertilizer and petrochemical company founded by his late father, Ronald.


COMMUNITY & EDUCATION: Grantees include the Institute for Jewish Ideals & Ideals, Tufts Hillel, Aish.com, the UJA Federation, and. the U.S. Holocaust Museum.

This support is also fluid in/for the state of Israel, and includes support of Chamah, an “international humanitarian organization, dedicated to providing food for the elderly and hungry, medical assistance for the ill, and education for the young in Russia, Israel and the United States.” Another grantee is the Gimmel Foundation, “a New York City and Israel based non-profit foundation, which funds projects and programs aimed at improving Jewish education and Jewish identity in the Southern region of Israel.” American Friends of Haam Hayehuti, another grantee, has a mission “to promote Jewish Values and teach young professionals and business people about their history and heritage, both from a religious and cultural perspective”; and Untold News, is “dedicated to building support for Israel by educating younger Americans about Israel’s positives, including cutting-edge technology; medical, scientific, and environmental advances; and vital humanitarian work.”

LOOKING FORWARD: Expect the Stantons to stick with their pluralistic, and global approach to Jewish community-building and education.


The Elizabeth and Oliver Stanton Foundation
320 Park Ave.
New York City, NY 10022