How the International Women's Media Foundation is Strengthening the Role of Women Journalists

Born in 1990 from a desire to give women journalists an equal voice and strengthen their role in the media worldwide, the International Women's Media Foundation has grown into a stalwart supporter of female voices in the news media in all its guises, from social media and digital reporting, to the more traditional modes of news gathering. The IWMF offers everything from training in management techniques with its Leadership Institutes, taught by top female media executives, to a variety of fellowships, grants, and awards.

The IWMF was founded by a group of esteemed U.S. women reporters with the goal of celebrating "the courage of women journalists who overcome threats and oppression to speak out on global issues" and to "empower women journalists with the training, support and network to become leaders in the news industry." It is single-handedly covering more ground in this area than most any other organization out there.

In addition to the Leadership Institute seminars, the foundation offers a wide range of resources, which includes a number of fellowships and grants:

In addition to these fellowships and grants, the IWMF has been presenting the Courage in Journalism Awards for the past 22 years. This award honors women journalists who risk their lives reporting news around the world and is currently the only international award of its kind that gives this recognition. To learn more about the IWMF's mission read its FAQ here. You can also contact the foundation here with any questions about specific programs.