Grab a Lowe's Foundation K-12 Grant by Wandering Its Home Improvement Aisles

Lowe's Charitable and Educational Foundation is "committed to supporting projects that have the greatest impact on our communities and align with our core business—home improvement."

This throughline is ever-present in the foundation's K-12 public education support, via its Toolbox for Education program. And it's a cool thing to know about because, while schools obviously need cash for educational equipment like computers, they also have other needs that you might not think of—like furniture for the teachers' lounge. Which is where Lowe's can come in.   

Brave your local Lowe's home improvment store and gain inspiration by meandering through its aisles:

Garden Department: Lowe's Toolbox for Education program supports a myriad of school garden, nature, and beautification projects, such as Lake Weir Middle School's vegetable garden and outdoor classroom (Summerfield, FL); Ridge Hill Elementary School's herb garden (Hamden, CT); Centerville City Schools for an entryway and beautification for its outdoor learning space (Centerville, OH).

Outdoor Furniture: Edison Elementary School in Centralia, Washington was given a grant for an outdoor classroom, including funding specifically earmarked for new tables and seating for reading and writing.

Indoor Furniture: Lowe's supported McMurray Middle Prep's Culture Cafe in Nashville, TN by providing funding for cafe tables and chairs grouped to encourage conversation.

Small Appliances: Bryan Adams High School in Dallas, TX was awarded a grant to upgrade its teachers' workroom facilities, include the purchase of microwaves.

Flooring: Franklinton Primary School in Franklinton, LA received support to improve its gymnasium, including the purchase of linking mats to allow the space to serve multi-purpose use throughout the year.

Windows: Highland High School in Monterey, Virginia received support for new energy-efficient windows, combatting the increased heating and cooling expenses of the previous 50 year-old windows.

Fencing: A playground at Reidland Middle School in Padukah, KY received Lowe's funding, including support earmarked for fencing to keep the space safe and contained for students.

Keep in mind that Lowe's Charitable and Educational Foundation provides monetary grants, not the materials themselves. But it likes that cash to go to projects that provide "the greatest impact, with basic necessities taking priority," particularly in the form of facilities renovations and upgrades. 

So next time you're picking up a new philips head screwdriver for yourself, take some time to think about how the aisles at Lowe's might inspire an ask for your local public school.