Meet the Carnegie Corporation's New Point Person on Teachers

Urban school districts across the country have struggled to recruit great teachers into high-needs schools and keep them there. Providing adequate support to make educators successful has been even more difficult. The Carnegie Corporation of New York has long been focused on these problems, and now the foundation has new firepower in this area, recruiting a serious heavy-hitter as their new program director for teaching and human capital management.

As the former Deputy Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education, president of New Leaders for New Schools, and president of two education technology companies, LaVerne Evans Srinivasan is an expert on strengthening urban education. In her new role, Srinivasan will focus on teacher recruitment and preparation in an era when the bar is rising for student achievement and the job of teaching will get even tougher. Consistent with Carnegie’s current strategies, there will be a strong emphasis on STEM teaching and learning.

Srinivasan has an extensive background in philanthropy, non-profit education reform, and education technology. At the New York City Department of Education, she designed and implemented a system for recruiting, hiring, and placing teachers and school principals that greatly increased the teacher talent available to high-needs schools. At New Leaders for New Schools, she organized and expanded six new urban school systems and launched an incentive awards program. She co-founded and served as President of two technology-based curriculum and management programs, Time to Know and FieroNow.

“In LaVerne Srinivasan, the Corporation has found an innovative leader with a strong commitment to educational equity who brings a depth of understanding of how systems need to change to support teachers and enable great teaching and learning. LaVerne has also demonstrated an informed and nuanced understanding of the intersections of policy, practice, systems, innovation, and partnerships,” said Michele Cahill, Vice President of Carnegie’s National Program.

The Carnegie Corporation of New York's Urban and Higher Education grantmaking program has a national focus and revolves around four "key levers of change": standards and assessments, new designs, improving policy, and innovation in teaching and human capital management—that's where Srinivasan steps in. To learn more about how the foundation plans to improve urban teacher performance and prioritize grantmaking among high-need schools across the country, review the Pathways to Education Opportunity page. You can also contact the program staff at with general questions.