Here's a K-12 Funder to Keep on the Radar: U.S. Bancorp

The U.S. Bancorp Foundation is committed to granting for K-12 education. The foundation’s education directives are to support low-income and at-risk students succeed in school and prepare them for college, financial literacy, and mentoring. Arts education is also a focus of the foundation, though organizationally speaking, this area falls under the foundation’s “Cultural and Artistic Enrichment” giving sector.

These education focus areas are part of the foundation’s larger granting mandate to support uplift and development for communities in need within the 25 states where its banking occurs: Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Throughout these 25 states, U.S. Bancorp Foundation is refreshingly open to the types of K-12 education programs and organizations it supports. Recent giving history shows a wide spectrum: Public school systems in major cities and smaller towns, individual public schools, charter schools and schools systems, parochial schools, community groups, local/regional chapters of national organizations, afterschool programs, arts education programs, physical education, literacy initiatives, school-based job training organizations, college preparatory groups, and more.

It also gives in a wide range of amounts, recently rangring from $1,000 up to $80,000.

For a snapshot of the foundation's recent K-12 giving, here's a stop in each of its 25 states, in total creating a diverse picture: 


  • Arkansas: North Little Rock Public Education Foundation (Little Rock)
  • Arizona: $1,000 to East Valley Christian School Tuition Organization (Chandler)
  • California: $15,000 to Aim High for High School (San Francisco)
  • Colorado: $25,000 to Denver Public Schools (Denver)
  • Idaho: $5,000 to Boise Public Schools (Boise)
  • Illinois: $7,000 to Leap Learning Systems (Chicago)
  • Indiana: $5,000 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Wayne County (Richmond)
  • Iowa: $8,000 to Boone High School (Boone)
  • Kansas: $10,000 to the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center (Topeka)
  • Kentucky: $20,000 to the Business Education Partnership (Paducah)
  • Minnesota: $20,000 to Summit Academy (Minneapolis)
  • Missouri: $1,000 to the Association of Missouri Charter Schools (St. Louis)
  • Montana: $1,500 to the Junior Achievement of Montana (Bozeman)
  • Nebraska: $6,000 to the Kearney Catholic High School Foundation (Kearney)
  • Nevada: $10,000 to Spread the Word Nevada (Henderson)
  • New Mexico: $11,100 to Belen Consolidated Schools (Belen)
  • North Dakota: $1,500 to Grand Forks Foundation for Education (Grand Forks)
  • Ohio: $10,000 to Breakthrough Schools (Cleveland)
  • Oregon: $80,000 to the Portland Schools Foundation (Portland)
  • South Dakota: $1,000 to Teach for America South Dakota (Mission)
  • Tennessee: $5,000 to Aspire Clarksville (Clarksville)
  • Utah: $8,000 to Bad Dog Arts (Salt Lake City)
  • Washington: $10,000 to Foundation for Private Enterprise Education (Federal Way)
  • Wisconsin: $5,000 to the Milwaukee Tennis & Education Foundation (Milwaukee)
  • Wyoming: $6,000 to Raising Readers in Wyoming (Sheridan)

Applying for education grants is a state-by-state endeavor, and for larger states, by region within those states. Each state/region has its own grant managers, contact information, and deadlines. Applications for each state/region are also online.

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