Union Pacific Foundation's K-12 Education Funding: A Quick Look

Union Pacific Foundation is the philanthropic offspring of Union Pacific Corporation and Union Pacific Railroad, and it places significant giving emphasis on K-12 education through its Community-Based Grant Program to communities that are "reasonably close" to Union Pacific rail lines.

The foundation provides a map that shows you its railway schematic. It boils down to 56 regions in 22 states, all west of the roughly vertical line formed by Milwaukee-Little Rock-New Orleans.

Of those 22 states where Union Pacific Foundation gives, 16 of them have received K-12 education support in 2013 and/or 2014. The ones that didn't make the cut: Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma. They're being explictly called out here not in the name of shame, but the in the name of opportunity. Union Pacific Foundation is absolutely willing to provide K-12 education funding in these states; if you're a non-profit K-12 education organization or program in one of them, stake your claim.

As for the other 16 with a recent history of receiving one or more K-12 education grants from Union Pacific Foundation, here's a whistle-stop state-by-state tour:

Union Pacific Foundation makes a point of stating that it funds its grants with operating profits from its corporate side, not through an endowment. So this might also be a reminder to consider using a train for your next load of bulk freight.

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