What Arcus Is Doing to Raise the Visibility of pro-LGBT Latino Voices

The Arcus Foundation is keenly interested in changing the climate around LGBT issues in communities of color, and also fighting the stereotype that these communities are monolithically homophobic. One of its strategies is to amplify pro-LGBT voices of color within the media and their communities. So it makes a lot of sense that Arcus is renewing its commitment to Freedom to Marry’s Familia es Familia project with a $150,000 grant. 

A public education campaign with dozens of national partners, including the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute and The Hispanic Federation, Familia es Familia has equipped countless Latino leaders and organizations with in-depth public opinion research to counter the misconception that Latinos are inherently anti-gay. The enterprise has also diligently worked to balance the media landscape that continues to ignore LGBT and pro-equality Latino voices.

According to research from Familia es Familia, 73 percent of all Latinos believe a person can still be a “good Christian” and support LGBT equality and 68 percent of Latino Catholics believe that being gay is morally acceptable. Familia es Familia‘s research also shows that 83 percent of Latinos feel that it’s wrong to fire a person or deny them housing simply for being LGBT and 75 percent feel there should be anti-harassment policies to curb bullying in schools.     

Those are sizeable margins, but not a lot of people know about it. 

Now, with Arcus’ continued support, Familia es Familia hopes to capitalize on the growing support among Latinos by training LGBT Latinos and allies to become effective frontline advocates and messengers. Familia es Familia also hopes to turn these supporters into voters and spokespeople on key LGBT issues, including immigration reform, marriage equality, housing and employment discrimination, and anti-gay bullying in schools.

Familia es Familia will continue providing training and technical assistance to national Latino organizations and launch improved bilingual multimedia, printed and online materials to help its 24 national partner organizations and four media partner organizations better engage their constituencies. In addition, Familia es Familia is providing public relations support to partner organizations rolling out new engagement strategies or conducting research to deal with potential challenges.