How do Louisville Libraries Fit into the James Graham Brown Foundation’s Plan?

The James Graham Brown Foundation approved a $750,000 grant to Louisville Library Foundation to help finance the construction of a new library yesterday. The new facility will double the previous area library in size and serve over 100,000 residents when it opens. The city of Louisville gave the library foundation a $9.5 million bond for the new facility, though it still needs to raise an additional $3.5 million cover the project soup-to-nuts.

The library for which Brown provided funding is the first in a total of three that the city plans to build. In addition to this initial site on Dixie Highway, the city of Louisville has purchased two other properties, one "near Jefferson Mall" and the other "off Whipps Mill Road,” according to The Courier Journal. These second and third libraries do not yet have funding or a set start date for construction.

This $750,000 is the largest single gift Brown has given to a library since 2003 when they gave Kentucky‘s Thomas Moore College $800,000 to build new rooms and update facilities. The foundation first hooked up with the Louisville Free Library Foundation in 2010, subsidizing some renovations and expansion at its main branch that year.

Brown Foundation's grant ]making agenda is to improve the quality of life in Louisville and surrounding areas by investing in education, health, welfare, and economic development projects. Due June 3rd, the foundation's next call for proposals is aimed at Kentucky area universities. According to its "Strategic Plan Summary," Brown wants to fund projects that

  • Promote Kentucky's higher education system as a national competitor
  • Improve the state’s existing provisions for early childhood education programs
  • Have a broad, measurable impact