Inside David Bohnett’s Local Funding in Los Angeles

The David Bohnett Foundation has been giving millions of dollars to LBGT, arts, gun violence, animal rights, and social justice issues since 1999. Not only is Southern California home to some of the nation’s top cultural, civic, and education resources, it’s also David Bohnett’s home.

Although many of Bohnett’s giving programs have a national focus, there is one that is Los Angeles-centric. It’s called the David Bohnett Foundation Fund for Los Angeles and here’s what local grantseekers should know about it.

Arts & Culture Are a Primary Focus

The Fund for Los Angeles supports a broad spectrum of arts, educational and civic programs, but it’s the arts programs that have been getting most of the attention lately. Recent local grant recipients include the LA Philharmonic Association, Pentacle Dance Works, and the USC Flora L. Thornton School of Music. Especially notable was the recent $20 million pledge to the LA Phil.

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However, other Fund for Los Angeles grantees included Heart of Los Angeles, AIDS Project Los Angeles, and the Los Angeles River Revitalization Corporation. The foundation has also put money into caring for the aged and promoting mass transit, parks, and bicycle lanes. A full list of Fund for Los Angeles grants is available on the foundation website.

Paul Moore is Your Point of Contact

Unfortunately for Los Angeles area grantseekers, Bohnett’s Fund for Los Angeles is not open to unsolicited grant requests. But don’t give up hopeget in touch with Paul Moore instead. You can email Paul, a Bohnett Program Officer, at to ask about eligibility and perhaps get your foot in the door.

Since the foundation’s earliest days, Bohnett has committed over $21 million to the Fund for Los Angeles. A little over $1 million was committed to the fund in 2014. And practically anything that improves the civic and cultural lives of Los Angeles residents is fair game if you can catch Bohnett’s attention.

Most of these local grants are between $1,000 and $25,000 with a few above and below that range. For more information about the tech entrepreneur’s giving strategy, read IP’s profiles of David Bohnett’s Los Angeles Grants and Grants for LGBT.

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