Why the Rose Hills Foundation Should Be On Your Radar

In all my days as a philanthropy researcher, I’ve never before come across a foundation established from the sale of a cemetery. The Rose Hills Foundation is that foundation, and it awards grants between $10,000 and $1 million each year. If you’re running a nonprofit in Los Angeles County, these are a few reasons to keep the Rose Hills Foundation on your radar.

Rose Hills Funds Engineering and Natural Sciences Programs

Foundations that give preference to engineering and natural sciences programs are fairly hard to come by these days. Although the foundation Board keeps a relatively open mind when considering grant proposals, a large number grantees have received funding for programs related to the natural sciences and engineering within higher education institutions. Rose Hills’ grantees tend to be well-established local universities and community colleges with strong science programs, and fellowships are always a favorite form of funding.  Rose Hills does provide general operating support, land/facility purchase, new construction, equipment, and renovation grants within these parameters.

Rose Hills Prefers Los Angeles Nonprofits

This foundation is looking for programs that directly benefit the people of Southern California, and the Board gives strong preference to nonprofits that operate in and serve Los Angeles County (Read The Rose Hills Foundation: Los Angeles Area Grants). Although Rose Hill grants may not always be as large as those from larger local foundations, you’ll only be competing against your closest neighbors for grants here. The foundation also likes to see local programs where its grant award is matched or multiplied.

Rose Hills Accepts Grant Applications All Year Long

If you struggle to keep track of lots of strict deadlines, you can relax, because Rose Hills accepts grant applications all year long. The foundation continuously processes applications and awards grant money three times during the year. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll necessarily get a quick response to your application. Rose Hills has a small staff with just two program officers, and sometimes it takes six months to receive word back.