Catholics & Counseling: What the William H. Hannon Foundation Cares about in L.A.

The William H. Hannon Foundation is best known for supporting Catholic causes, but as we’ve pointed out before, there’s more to this funder than that. Public and private elementary schools, high schools, and universities in the Los Angeles area have seen Hannon support recently, as well as the sick, elderly, and homeless, and uninsured.

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The Hannon Foundation has recently made a few new commitments, which has set the stage for grantmaking throughout the remainder of 2015.

Counseling and Mental Health for the LAX, South Bay, and Westside areas

The Hannon Foundation recently awarded a $20,000 grant to the Airport Marina Counseling Service (AMCS), which was established in 2003. This money is going toward an immediate intervention program that aims to restore clients’ equilibrium and help them return to a state of practical functioning.

“My late uncle believed in the good works of AMCS and that’s one of the reasons we helped establish the Immediate Intervention Program over a decade ago. Our Board of Directors is pleased that this critically important program—which helps people when they are at their weakest—bears the Hannon name,” said Kathleen Hannon Aikenhead, foundation president.

Unlike some mental health clinics, AMCS doesn’t turn people away if they can’t pay, so grants like this are essential. The foundation’s areas of interest are pretty broad, as long as programs are in the greater Los Angeles area. However, the largest grants are almost always made to organizations that the founder had a personal connection to.

The Social Service Side of Catholic Giving

Unlike some Catholic funders, Hannon’s religious grantmaking is twofold: social services and Catholic education. The foundation recently committed $127,500 to 12 of these types of organizations. Grantees with a social service angle include the Archdiocesan Youth Employment Services, Jesuit Charities, and Mary Health of the Sick.

“Catholic education and social services provide an invaluable service to our region—not just for Catholics, but for everyone. Our Board of Directors recognizes the importance of supporting our Catholic institutions for the benefit of all community members,” said Aikenhead.

To learn more about current and projected grantmaking, check out IP’s Los Angeles Profile of the Hannon Foundation and the foundation website’s Grant Application Procedures section.