Annenberg’s Giving Takes a Turn with New Support for Child Well-being

It’s been a little while since we’ve checked in on the Annenberg Foundation’s local giving, and news of a recent grant reminded us to check in on what this funder has been up to around Los Angeles. In the past, we’ve covered Annenberg’s local work for the aging LBGT population, marine research, and spay and neuter efforts for dogs and cats. However, this latest grant takes a bit of a different turn.


The foundation just announced a children’s welfare grant to Five Acres to support the nonprofit’s residential treatment programs. The $100,000 grant will fund a pilot program for children who are emotionally disturbed and living within the foster care system. The pilot program is called “Open Doors,” and it aims to shorten the amount of time that foster children spend in institutions and help them prepare for family home environments. A big part of this program is identifying strategies that work and using the results to advocate for policy changes in the state of California.

In general, Five Acres’ programs provide 24/7 therapeutic care to youth between the ages of six and 17 who have been removed from their homes from child protective services. Approximately 140 youth are served by these programs each year who are too emotionally unwell to live in foster homes. They almost always come from minority and low-income backgrounds.

“This generous $100,000 gift from the Annenberg Foundation supports Five Acres' mission of promoting the safety and well-being for children in our care,” said Five Acres’ chief program officer, Gina Perez. “This grant will serve to further our aim of connecting children to permanent and loving families.”

Child welfare and foster care for youth aren’t typical funding areas for Annenberg, which makes this $100,000 even more significant. The foundation usually sticks to these categories: arts & culture, animal welfare, civic & community, environment, education, health & wellness, and military veterans.

There have been no announcements about a shift in Annenberg’s funding priorities, but then again, the foundation has maintained a fairly broad focus that encompasses many different causes. Lately, we’ve been seeing lots of prominent funders narrowing their giving and really focusing on a couple of key issues to maximize their impact. However, Annenberg’s giving still seems to be all over the board, at least as far as work benefitting the Los Angeles area.

The Annenberg Foundation prioritizes nonprofits serving the five-county region of Greater Los Angeles. If you want to connect with Annenberg for funding, keep in mind this is a very well-known name in L.A., and only about one in 10 grant proposals are approved for funding. Check out the How to Apply section on the foundation website for the most up-to-date information, and reach out to the staff at 213-403-3110 or with questions about the guidelines or application process.