Ayrshire Foundation: Grants for Marine Conservation

OVERVIEW: The Ayrshire Foundation invests in youth, the elderly and disabled, science and the environment, healthcare, and community culture. The foundation's environmental investments facilitate its commitment to the conservation and mindful public use of marines and rivers.  

IP TAKE: The foundation supports its grantees for multiple grant cycles, which leaves less room for new organizations. While the foundation has "fully committed" its funds through 2018, grantseekers should keep this funder in mind and check back often. 

PROFILE: Established in 1998, the Ayrshire Foundation was founded by James N. Gamble (the great grandson of the founder of Procter & Gamble) and his family in order to broaden the scope of their already established philanthropy. While its website no longer reflects stated priorities, the foundation supports youth, science & environment, healthcare, services for the elderly and disabled, and community culture. 

Ayrshire addresses marine conservation through its science & environment giving. In doing so, the foundation seeks to "[protect] and [enhance] our world by supporting scientific research and education as well as sustainable or remedial environmental policy." 

Grants range between $10,000 to $100,000. This wide range reflects that Ayrshire prioritizes “strategic philanthropy." The foundation also supports some of its grantees for multiple cycles, and likes to partner with them as well. Past marine conservation grantees include the Biomimicry Institute to support of its Asking Nature for Answers to Tox Chemistry program; and  Heal the Bay to support access for lower-income students.

The Ayrshire Foundation requires potential grantees to first fill out a brief online form. If the foundation is interested in an applicant's initial, brief proposal, then it extends an invitation to submit a full proposal.


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