Boeing Company: Grants for Marine Conservation

OVERVIEW: Boeing primarily supports education, workforce development, the environment, financial stability, and health. Boeing divides its giving by state, and gives in 20 states total (plus Washington, D.C.). Areas of focus vary by state, but a focus on marine conservation is clear.

IP TAKE:  Because Boeing divides its giving by state, with each state formulating its own specific priorities and parameters, grantseekers must take extra time to carefully review requirements for their state. it will take a bit of extra investigative work to determine whether your conservation program is a fit. 

PROFILE: As the second-largest aerospace and defense contractor in the world, the Boeing Company supports "innovative partnerships and programs that align with [its] strategic objectives, create value and help build better communities worldwide. This includes improving access to globally competitive learning as well as workforce and skills development, and supporting [...] military and veteran communities." A broad funder of STEM education, Boeing also commits its grantmaking to environmental causes such as marine conservation.  

Boeing does not maintain specific programs to facilitate its grantmaking. Rather, it divides awards by state. For those seeking support, Boeing offers funding to 20 different states (including Washington, D.C.), which each reflect different grantmaking priorities. While not every states offers grants towards marine conservation, each has its own conservation emphasis. For instance, Oregon invests in programs that protect the "Portland metropolitan area rivers and watersheds that flow in to them." Florida emphasizes "environmental projects which protect, restore and manage critical lands and water systems to preserve its many diverse ecosystems." California supports "efforts that protect [its] coastal and inland waterways and the surrounding habitats through community education with specific attention paid to the connection to water conservation and clean water efforts."

In addition to the Boeing Company's state-by-state giving, applicants can also secure funding through the Employees Community Fund of The Boeing Company, which Boeing employees fund through employee donations. The fund also divides its giving—and giving priorities—by state, and sometimes regions within a state. There are 19 different Community Funds (across 17 different states, plus D.C.), and the website also provides an excellent drop-down menu for these purposes. Not all Community Funds are committed to funding environmental conservation, but many are. 

There are valuable opportunities for conservation programming through Boeing, if applicants' work aligns with Boeing's regional priorities.


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