Dominion Foundation: Grants for Marine Conservation

OVERVIEW: The Dominion Foundation funds education, environmental stewardship, community development, social services, and arts and culture in the states in which it works and serves. 

IP TAKE: Dominion prefers a more broad approach to its marine conservation grantmaking since revamping it. It supports both small and large organizations. The application process is rigorous, but offers an open application process to those who qualify.

PROFILE: The Dominion Foundation (previously called the Consolidated Natural Gas Company Foundation) is the philanthropic arm of Dominion Energy, a solar energy company. It dedicates itself to "improving the physical, social and economic well-being of the communities served by [its] companies." Dominion supports education, lakes and recreation, the environment, and in-kind energy assistance

Dominion's marine conservation related giving focuses on supporting a variety of "recreational resources located adjacent to Dominion Energy's facilities in several states that offer a multitude of adventures." Its marine conservation grantmaking prioritizes Bath County, VA; Lake Anna, near Mineral, VA; Lake Gaston and Roanoke Rapids Lake located in North Carolina; and Mt. Storm Lake in West Virginia. 

Dominion supports both large and small organizations with grants that range from $5,000 to about $50,000. The foundation's conservation efforts support "specific, short term projects that promise measurable results to improve the environment," and explicitly does not fund long-term research projects. Past grantees include  Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay (Annapolis, MD); the Center for Natural Capital (Orange, VA); Trout Unlimited (Highland County, VA) for its Back Creek Stream restoration; and Canaan Valley Institute (Davis, WV) for its Long Run Stream restoration project. 

Regardless of the funding avenue, applicants must clearly describe their proposed program, target population, anticipated outcomes, evaluation methods, and plans for sustainability beyond the grant period. The foundation's website provides sample grants to emulate. While the application is rigorous, an open application process is open to qualifying applicants.


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