Pisces Foundation: Grants for Marine Conservation

OVERVIEW: Pisces is a family foundation, and its water-related program funds efforts to protect water in the United States. Based in California, the foundation invests in projects and programs across the United States.  

IP TAKE: The foundation prioritizes innovative approaches that will result in a "transition from a system that manages quality and supply in isolation with a more powerful, integrated paradigm." It does not, however, accept unsolicited proposals.

PROFILE: Established in 2006, the Pisces Foundation was founded by Bob and Elizabeth “Randi” Fisher to help solve the United States' natural resource challenges. Pisces works to "advance strategic solutions to natural resource challenges and prepare the next generation by supporting environmental education."  It hopes to create "durable change" by empowering a new generation of scientists, engaged citizens, and environmental leaders. It invests in three programs: environmental education, water resources, and climate and energy

Believing climate change will further degrade current water-related issues, the Pisces Foundation manages a water resources program. It seeks to respond to water-related challenges by transitioning from "a system that manages quality and supply in isolation with a more powerful, integrated paradigm.  This new, modern approach will place water at the center of community—leveraging it to green communities, support nature, and sustain farms and business." The program invests in strategically designed parks that absorb and filter water, stormwater, and runoff.  Past grantees include Environment America Research, the NRDC, and Policy Center and Conservation International among many others.

The program supports both local and national organizations. Pisces Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals, but they can be contacted at (415) 738-1212 and admin@piscesfoundation.org. They are also active on Twitter at @PiscesFnd. 


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