Royal Caribbean Ocean Fund: Grants for Marine Conservation

OVERVIEW: Royal Caribbean is the second-largest cruise line in the world. It controls 17% of the world cruise market. As part of its corporate responsibility strategy, Royal established its Ocean Fund in 1996 to work on climate, key species, technology, and education.

IP TAKE: The Ocean Fund is not a transparent fund, but grantseekers can contact the organization to introduce themselves. It supports much work towards coral reefs, and marine species like dolphins, whales, and sea turtles.

PROFILE: As part of the Norwegian-American company’s corporate responsibility program, Royal Caribbean launched The Ocean Fund in 1996. The fund seeks "to support efforts to restore and maintain a healthy marine environment, minimize the impact of human activity on this environment, and promote awareness of ocean and coastal issues and respect for marine life." As a result, all of Royal Caribbean's grantmaking relates to marine conservation; however, it also invests in climate change, key marine species, innovative technologies and targeted education. 

While the Ocean Fund maintains a variety of programs, they all relate to marine conservation. Its climate change related funding prioritizes research and emerging oceanic threats, marine protected areas, and coral reef support. Past grants include the Nature Conservancy, Conservation International, and the World Wildlife Fund. While the fund prioritizes established organizations, it also supports about 10 to 20 smaller organizations each year.  

Grants range between about $20,000 and $40,000, and each one runs for one calendar year only. To see more information about all past grantees, explore here.

The Ocean Fund is not transparent and reveals no discernible staff list or directory and an invite-only policy, even for LOIs. Applicants can, however, send an email to to introduce their organizations, key programs, and potential projects the fund might want to support.


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